Glitz and Glam

Diyana definitely wins the prize for the shiniest, most glam project in our Stitch & Bitch group. It’s not all crochet and deaf old ladies, Aaron!

Here’s an attempt to show a bit of the process that goes into making one of Diyana’s beaded necklaces:

First she lays out the beads and tries out various options until she finds the design she likes the best:

When she’s settled on a design she likes, she takes a photo of it (very wise) which she can then refer to as she begins stitching:

Finally, the beads are stitched into place:

Diyana sells her amazing creations, and can be found through her Instagram account @de_chantel

Here are examples some of the other beaded necklaces she’s made:

Apologies for the poor images of her work – better photos can obviously be found on her instagram account.






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