Granny Squares

In Ellie’s words:

When I first started crochet, granny squares was all I could do. After being shown the ropes at stitch n bitch, I improved my technique by watching Bellacoco on YouTube. Her left handed videos were a godsend. So I set to making granny squares with a white border. When I put the squares together, laid out on the floor, I realised that I would like a focus, now that I had got somewhat confident (I had finished the tea cosy) I put my mind to star burst patterns. Finally, my project looks like something someone else might have made, albeit someone sat in the dark using a fork. But nonetheless it looks interesting. The problem is that I didn’t know what to do beyond the individual granny squares. I have settled on joining them into a blanket. I’ve gone with a visible join, which has two main benefits. One being that I get to add yet another colour (grey) and two, it makes the blanket instantly bigger. Living here in Malaysia doesn’t give me much use for a blanket, but with any luck I’ll finish before I move on to somewhere colder.

You cannot have a crochet project without a cat.


Instructions are here.


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