Felted books

I’ve only made two felted booked in my life, and both of them were completely unplanned, which might explain the general make-it-up-as-you-go-along feel to them.

The first book started because I wanted to use up scraps of material lying around the house. All of the scraps hold a bit of a memory for me, but obviously don’t mean a thing for the child it was made for.

img_20160314_191007 img_20160314_191502

Images above from the first felted book, ‘Chicken not a duck’ and ‘Elephant not to scale’, were quite obviously not planned out.  I only added in ‘not to scale’ after I realised how tiny the elephant looked next to the massive plant/bush thing. And ‘not a duck’ was also added only after noticing that my chicken looked nothing like a chicken.

The second felted book was a bit more thought out, and there was a sort-of-theme based on the name of the child it was for, but still some design elements only came to mind after I’d already stitched the book together. So much more entertaining that way.

img_20161018_234859 The jellyfish page started out quite plain and boring until I discovered that I love the kantha style embroidery and then did that on almost every page….

img_20161102_120017 Jellyfish post kantha embellishments.

And the obsession continued….

img_20161029_222719 img_20161102_120054


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